love is weirder then i thought it would be
love is weirder then i thought it would be
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Time for my annual back-to-school giveaway! I got so much goodies and stuff for the winner, because I just found some old unused things in my closet and I’d really like them to be somewhere else now (hehehe) I’m super excited and I hope you guys are as excited as I am! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*
So, I’m gonna throw in the list of all the stuff I’m giving away ~ I have included links to all the items for those who might be curious on where I got them! 
 Pink Pastel Seifuku (medium) - Ebay
 Pink Short Sleeve FUK U Print Shirt (one-size) - Sheinside
 White Desserts Print Pleated Skirt (one-size) - Sheinside
 White Sleeveless Cat Print Shirt (one-size) - Sheinside
 Pink Winged Backpack - Storenvy
 Pink Winged Alarm - Storenvy
 Floral Contact Lens Case - Amazon
 Long Pink Wavy Wig - Storenvy
 50 cm Alpacasso Plush (Yellow) - Blippo
 GEO Ultra CK105 - Pinkyparadise
 And some cute stickers, mini notebooks and pens + pencils from Yesstyle and Bilppo!
All of these items are new!These items have not been used and most of them have just been opened from my mail packages! 
And now, the rules! Please follow these rules. They’re quite simple and they’re not very hard to follow. (ꐦ ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )
❀ YOU MUST BE FOLLOWING ME! -The number one rule in this game! Please play fair. Don’t just follow me just for this giveaway. It would be great if you guys check out my blog。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。
❀ NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS! - I will check all the blogs that will follow me. I’ll take time to check all of them! So you better be careful!
❀ I WILL PICK THE WINNER USING RANDOM.ORG! - Please do not bombard me “you only picked her/him because she’s/he’s your friend…” etc etc during the end date where I will post the winner. I use the random picker generator for these kinds of purposes!
❀ LIKES DO NOT COUNT! - I won’t count likes anymore unless you’re liking this post as a reference.
❀ REBLOGS ONLY!!!!!!!!!! - Please be always considerate of your followers when reblogging this post.
❀ AND FOR THE WINNER…please keep your ask box open! Especiallly during the end date! If you win and your ask isn’t open, then I will pick a new winner! 
❀ I WILL SHIP INTERNATIONALLY! - I will ship using FedEx and will provide you with a tracking number for your items!
❀ GIVEAWAY ENDS ON SEPTEMBER 5TH! - I made it to this date because that’s when people usually start school in this side of the globe! (*´・v・)
** Please follow all these rules! ** These are very basic and simple! If you follow them, then you might be able to win! If you have an questions/concerns/comments, feel free to visit my ask box! 
Goodluck everyone! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ


what a beautiful day to not be in high school

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too many people come up to me talkin’ ‘bout “what does drink water mean?”
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